On the Passing …


Milo Pat Steve DogsterOn the Passing of Milo

We laid our child to rest today
His essence is no more
Our hearts are ripped asunder
And strewn upon the floor

Your soul must be in heaven now
With ears laid back, eyes closed against the wind
I miss my friend so much
It seems my heart will never mend

We laid our child to rest today
His favorite toy we let him keep
He looked so peaceful lying there
I thought he might just be asleep

You saved my life one Saturday morn
And ran down the hall as I lay alone
You may not know it but you saved my life
Every day when I came home

You waited faithfully by the door
Always excited to see me
And turned around so I could pick you up
To kiss your belly while you licked yours truly

Your soul must be in heaven…

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